Pali Fonts for PC and Unicode

With Snow Leopard on Macintosh computers, the way fonts are handled has changed, so the best approach is to use unicode fonts. Times New Roman on recent versions of the Macintosh OS and with Microsoft Word has a very extensive version of unicode and includes all the letters needed for typing Pali and Sanskrit. The only letters missing are r and R with a small circle underneath. These are found in the Private Use Area of IndUni fonts created by Professor John Smith:

Other unicode fonts for Pali are listed in the information given below for PCs. Professor Toshiya UNEBE ( has developed a very useful keyboard called EasyUnicode to be used on Macintosh computers when typing Pali and Sanskrit. The files with the keyboard and instructions can be downloaded here:

Download EasyUnicode

To type Pali words using diacritics on PCs, the best approach is to use a unicode font. Two fonts are especially good and can be downloaded for the following sites:

- VU-Times:

- Gandhari Unicode:
  Includes Toshiya Unebe's EasyUnicode keyboard for Mac OS X.2+ (now supports MSWord 2004)

- Another useful site is Professor John Smith's Web page: