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Geiger's Pāli Grammar,
revised edn. by K.R. Norman, 1994, 2014
ISBN 315 X    £12.00   « Add to Basket »
Also available in hardback.

Introduction to Pāli,
A primer and reader by A.K. Warder, 1963, third edn. 1991, revised reprint 1995, reprint 2010, 2016
ISBN 197 1    £18.00   « Add to Basket »

The Ornament of Lay Followers: Ānanda's Upāsakajanālaṅkāra,
tr. G. Agostini, 2015
ISBN 506 3    £20.00   « Add to Basket »
Text dealing with the proper conduct of a layman, based on the canon and its commentaries. (12th century C.E.)
Translation of Upāsakajanālaṅkāra, and other sources.

Pāli Texts Printed in Sri Lanka in Sinhalese Characters with Supplementary Information on Related Texts,
tr. M. Kitsudo, 2015
ISBN 494 6    £25.00   « Add to Basket »
Bibliography of relatively recent Pāli texts written and published in Sinhalese script in Sri Lanka
Translation from the Japanese original.

ed. W. Pruitt, tr. K.R. Norman, 2001
ISBN 393 1    £10.00   « Add to Basket »
Bilingual edition of the rules for monks and nuns.
Also available in hardback.

Perniola's Pāli Grammar,
V. Perniola, 1997
ISBN 354 0    £10.00   « Add to Basket »
Also available in hardback.

Poems of Early Buddhist Monks,
prose tr. K.R. Norman, 1997
ISBN 339 7    £10.00   T/O/S - this book is temporarily out of stock.
Translation of Theragāthā.

Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns,
verse tr. Mrs C.A.F. Rhys Davids and prose tr. K.R.
Norman, 1989, reprinted 1997
ISBN 289 7    £10.00   « Add to Basket »
Translation of Therīgāthā. Contains extracts from Elders' Verses Vol. II and Psalms of the Early Buddhists.

The Rhinoceros Horn,
tr. K.R. Norman, 1996, 2015
ISBN 154 8    £16.00   « Add to Basket »
Translation of Suttanipāta. With alternative translations by I.B. Horner and Walpola Rahula.

The Story of Gotama Buddha,
tr. N.A. Jayawickrama, 1990
ISBN 293 5    £13.20   « Add to Basket »
Translation of Jātaka-nidāna.

The Sūtra of Golden Light,
tr. R.E. Emmerick, 1970, revised edn. 1990, 1992, new edn. 1996
ISBN 416 4    £7.15   Out of Stock
This is a perfect-bound paperback (all our other paperbacks are sewn binding).
Currently only available in hardback.

The Teaching of Vimalakīrti,
tr. S. Boin, 1976, 1994, reprinted as paperback 2012.
ISBN 496 2    £27.50   « Add to Basket »
Translation of Vimalakīrtinirdeśa from the annotated French translation by E. Lamotte of Chinese and Tibetan sources. The Pali Text Society does not publish an edition of the original text.

The Word of the Doctrine,
prose tr. K.R. Norman, 1997, reprint 2000
ISBN 379 6    £10.00   « Add to Basket »
Also available in hardback.
Translation of Dhammapada.

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